Get Fit

Do you start a new fitness/health routine and then stop? I used to be that girl with a million gym memberships because I got bored so easily. Sad, I know. I was literally spending over $200 a month on gym memberships I wasn’t really using. I also had no idea how to fuel my body with proper nutrition, and I thought didn’t have much time to commit to a full out fitness routine.

So if you have tried lots of “quick fixes” and nothing sticks, I am here to tell you that I won’t stop until YOU have success. One of the most important aspects of my accountability groups are the mental breakthroughs that occur. By making a shift in the way you think about nutrition and exercise, you will change what you think about yourself and your potential.

Every month, I run challenge groups! Workouts vary from 20-30 minutes a day (depending on the program that works best for your lifestyle), and I teach you everything there is to know about clean eating. Everything is done through an actual app on your phone where I give you with daily accountability, motivation, recipes, tips, grocery lists, daily challenges, and anything else you may need for SUCCESS!! My challengers have the ability to log their workouts, their nutrition, and track their progress. If I see someone isn’t tracking their adventure, you can be SURE I’ll be there to make sure they are doing okay and provide any help they need.

Frequently Asked Accountability Group Questions:

1. Do I need a gym?

NOPE! Everything can be done with a dvd player/computer and a set of light weights!

2. Do I have to show anyone pictures?

NOPE! You only share what you are comfortable sharing

3. What if I can’t keep up?

Every workout program I offer has a modifier available so that anyone can modify at any time.

4. What can I expect for results?

Results vary from each person depending on how much they stick to the program. Most of my challengers average a 10-15 pound weight loss and lose several inches difference in the first 3 weeks. The more you stick to the plan I provide for you, the better your results!!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you can contact me by filling out the Challenge Group Application below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

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