Should I Work Out On Vacation?

YES! The answer is YES!

But whyyyyy? (in the whiniest and most annoying voice you can possibly muster) Well, lots of reasons!

I know what you’re thinking. Why can’t I just take it easy and relax? I’ll get back to my workouts next week! A week off won’t kill me.—and you’re right! It won’t, but I have a couple of reasons that might just change your mind about that.

It makes you feel good!

Don’t you always feel better once you’ve gotten your workout in? Don’t you want to feel your best when you’re on vacation?–ESPECIALLY if you’re in a swimsuit somewhere?? I know I do. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to feel good about yourself in a bikini whether you’ve gotten your workout in or not, and I’m not talking about a balls to the wall, so sore I can’t walk the next day kind of workout. I’m just saying get your blood pumping and break a little sweat. Overall, working out makes you feel better mentally and physically, and you should always feel your best when you’re on vacation!

It’s fun to sweat somewhere new!

Right? Working out in the same place every day, whether it be at home or at the gym, can get monotonous. I love to check out the work out spaces whenever I’m traveling. It’s a motivator for me.

If you have Beachbody’s All Access On Demand, you really have no excuse not to!

I mean, seriously. I’m obsessed. All of your workouts are right there at your finger tips ALL THE TIME. No gym or equipment required. 25-40 minutes, and you’re done. You can do it from your phone, your computer, an Apple TV. Most days, I spend more time trying to figure out what I’m going to wear or do (aka I’m indecisive.)

Why would you want to step backwards in your results?

I get it. You’re probably not going to be eating THE BEST on your vacation or while traveling, but your results don’t have to take a backseat. You can continue to improve your strength or endurance any where. There’s no reason for you to ruin all of your results. You’ve worked too hard for that.

At this point, you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “ok, whatever, Chelsea,” and that’s totally fine! I’m all about having balance in life, so I understand if you’re saying NO WAY, JOSE! to working out on your vacation. Sometimes, you just need a break. But on the other hand, if you’re thinking I  made some valid points, GET MOVING! 🙂

You can find me get my workout in on the daily right now while I’m on spring break. Let me know if you want to join!

xo, Chels

images by Lauren Dorman Photography

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  1. Stephen says:

    I try to work out on holiday (doesnt always work though) so that I can eat and drink as much as I want without feeling too guilty 🙂

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