Savannah Georgia Photo Diary

Savannah Photo Diary

Our trip to Savannah, Georgia was just amazing. It is such a charming city with TONS of history, and it’s SO HAUNTED. The whole city just gave me this weird vibe the whole time, and I really think it’s because you can’t walk 45 feet without standing on a grave. They literally knocked over headstones and built on top of graves when they wanted to expand the city. Like ZERO respect for the dead. It was crazy!

Despite the dead people everywhere vibe (LOL) it is definitely somewhere we will visit again. Probably when it’s a bit cooler, though, because it’s a walking town and it was 900 degrees.

I’m going to do a bit of a picture dump now, but I’ll do a restaurant and fun activity post later this week!


IMG_7705 IMG_7704

Dinner on the Savannah River at sunset.

IMG_7682 IMG_7666

Just one of the beautiful houses in Savannah. It’s also one of the houses featured in the movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.


There’s a really old bell in that gazebo.


Statue of the waving girl.


On the top of Fort Pulaski with the Atlantic Ocean behind us.


The Candler Oak Tree


The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist


The Mercer Williams House

One thing I will mention before I close out–I definitely recommend reading and watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil before you go. Everyone in this city talks about it ALL THE TIME. And for the record, the Forest Gump bench is in a museum now and not still in the square where the movie was filmed.

We had a blast! I can’t wait to share more with you! Have a great week!


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