Things I’m Tired Of…

Late last night, in the midst of my insomnia, I posted a Facebook status talking about various words I’m tired of seeing/hearing. It was a hit.

July Facebook Status

Now, excuse me for being a bit negative, but do y’all feel me?? LIKE COME ON!! Is anyone else as tired of seeing this kinda stuff plastered across your social media outlets as I am?? It’s annoying. It’s negative. It’s depressing, and it’s down right STUPID.

So I thought I’d add to/expand on my list and tell you the things I’d rather see.

Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston/Calvin Harris-WHO IN THE WORLD REALLY CARES? Let the girl live her life and stop over speculating.


Kardashian-I’m going to go ahead and lump Kanye and his disgusting new video in this one.

Trump/All of the Clintons/Politics-I hate them all. They all SUCK. They’re all mean and rude and will do anything to get what they want. They’re above the law, and they all make me want to move to a deserted island.

Lip Kit-It’s low quality. It’s an exact copy of “insert lip gloss here.” It’s being released at midnight. It’s sold out. Buy the insanely inflated priced lip crap here. BARF.

Low-carb/bikini body/perfect body/abs/weight loss/cleanse-You are beautiful and perfect the way you are. Carbs are not the enemy. If you have a bikini and you put it on your body, CONGRATS! YOU NOW HAVE A BIKINI BODY! Cleanses don’t work, and they are dangerous. Eat whole foods. (Preferably plant-based) and move your body. Be happy and love yourself and appreciate your body for what it does for you every day. That’s all you need to worry about.

Flesh eating bacteria-I just find this term gross, and I keep wondering if there is really all that high of a chance that you’ll get this grossness from touching the Gulf of Mexico water….

Things I’d rather see…

What you ate today


A selfie when you’re feelin yourself

Pictures of your kids/significant other/family

Your prayer requests

Your praises/triumphs/answered prayers

CUTE ANIMALS (If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that’s all I post.)

Your travels

Lifting others up

Every mundane detail of your life as long as it doesn’t involve the first list

Don’t y’all miss the days when social media was full of these things? I know I do.

In college, my sorority used to do these things called Sunshines. They were kind of like the snap cup from Legally Blonde 2. (Classic/Stereotypical. I know. Lay off me.) We would send a box around during meeting and put a positive note to someone else in the room into the box. At the end of chapter meeting, someone would read them all out loud. They were just little warm fuzzy to make you feel good and lift everyone’s spirits. Usually, they were pretty funny too.

We need like a social media sunshine intervention for the world or something. I don’t know.

Share your “sunshine” with me? Convince me that I shouldn’t delete all social media because the world is going in the crapper!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….


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