Love Over Fear #PrayforOrlando

I’ve been searching for the words I wanted to express about the tragic events that took place in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, but I’m still coming up empty. It dawned on me that there are no words to express. No words can change things, make things better, take away pain, or bring those innocent lives back. Words were made to describe, but what was done inside that building, that has served as a safe haven for many, is indescribable.

In a time that is so dark, a very famous quote has returned to my mind over and over.

Anne Frank Quote

What a wise young woman.

In times like this, I have to remember to continue to choose love over fear, just like Anne Frank. If you choose fear, the bad guys win. And if we’ve learned anything from all of this, it’s that love will win in the end.

There is still more good in this world than evil.

Say your prayers. Hug your loved ones, and NEVER take a day in this life for granted.

God bless you all. I love you.

-chelsea eli


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