Hippy Tips: Road Trips

Road Trip Tips

This weekend, I’m headed on a road trip with one of my best girlfriends to see another best girlfriend in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’ve never been there, so I’m super pumped! Not to mention it’s been forever since I’ve gotten some QT with my girls.

Road trips are a blast when everything goes well, but they can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Luckily, you have me to guide you! Here are my top tips for having the best road trip ever.

  1. MUSIC-Good music is by far the most important thing to have on a road trip. It will make or break you. Have a good playlist. Download Spotify and Pandora, and have a couple of good CDs on hand just in case your LTE service is spotty. I’m a music freak. I’m never under prepared when it comes to good music.

  2. SNACKS-I know this is a given, but you have to have good road trip snacks. I like to bring a few things and hit up the gas stations, too, but make it work for you. If you’re trying to be healthy, gas stations are not your best option. Lets be honest, though. Who is really worried about being THAT healthy on a road trip??

  3. CLEAN AND MAINTENANCED CAR-I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible about cleaning out my car and keeping it serviced. Most days, I could build a tower out of the water bottles in my floor board. However, my daddy taught me well. I never head out on a road trip with out changed oil and air-pressure checked, good tires. That’s just stupid.

  4. BUDDY-I mean, you may be into the solo road trip thing, but I think their much  more fun with a good friend. It gives you tons of time to laugh and catch up and make awesome memories.

  5. GAMES-I love a good road trip game. The alphabet game is my favorite, but google it! There’s lots of fun games to play with friends to make the hours fly by.

Road Trip Tips

Just have fun! Take your time and enjoy the ride, the company, and the scenery. Take lots of pictures and get lost! It’s all about the memories. Isn’t that what travel is for anyway?

What are your best road trip tips? I’d love to hear them and put them to good use. Have a great weekend, hippies. See ya, Monday!

-chelsea eli

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