Festive 4th of July Outfit and Essentials

4th of July Collage

Oh man do I love a good 4th of July party, and my father-in-law throws the BEST ones! We grill out around the pool, have lots of yummy drinks, and shoot and watch fireworks on the beach in my favorite town, Ocean Springs. I can’t wait!!

I’ve been planning this outfit since Memorial Day. Don’t judge me. Lets dissect it, shall we?

Mirrored Ray-Ban Aviators

Is there even a question about these being a 4th of July essential? They’re so Top Gun, which is so American.

American Flag Swim Top

This top is so flattering. It has that sports bra looking cut, so I feel like it would look good one anyone. Not to mention, it’s REALLY comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Get my drift?

High Waisted Bottoms

These bottoms are super comfortable too, and they give you a super cute pin-up look. Again, what’s more American than pin-ups?

Round Beach Towel

Have you guys seen these everywhere?? I NEED ONE! My house is seriously low on beach towels. I’ve been stealing them from my parent’s house. I’ve gotten away with a grand total of 2. Time to break down and get this bad boy.

Linen Romper

I bought this romper because it was super cute and comfy. I didn’t originally intend for it to be a cover up until I got home and realized you can see through the whole thing. However, it is THE BEST cover up I have ever owned.


I go nowhere without my Birkenstocks. They’re the first item on the “Becoming a Hippy” checklist.

Sea Salt Spray

Perfect for when you want a hair style but you don’t actually want to style it.


I’m trying out The Honest Company’s sunscreen. So far, so good. Remember you should wear it EVERY DAY.

There ya have it! My 4th of July outfit is laid out and read to go!

What are your plans? Cute outfit? Let me know!

x0, chelsea

P.S. You can shop the look below, now!

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