Cleaning House

Cleaning House

Can we talk about about cleaning for a sec?

There’s nothing I love more than a clean house. Well…I mean, except for chocolate chip cookies, my dogs, my husband, champagne, the beach. Ok, there are a lot of things that I love more, but I like having a clean house. However, there’s a problem.

I’m such a right brained, creative, ADHD, type B person that I just really don’t care to clean it. (Please keep in mind, I’m not talking like hoarder stuff here. I’m messy, but not dirty.) There’s literally ALWAYS something more pressing to do than pick up all of the clothes off my bedroom floor. I’m avoiding doing that as I type!!! It’s just such a pain to me.

I’ll tell you when it’s the worst–when I come home from a trip. My suitcase just sits there and continues to explode all over the floor for weeks. You can imagine how bad it is right now since I’ve been out of town so much of the summer.

My kitchen table and love seat in the living room always seem to be a catch all for the random stuff brought into the house or my work stuff. There are always a few pairs of my shoes in the living room. I swear I’m not lazy! I just need to learn to clean as I go, probably. Or figure out a way to afford a maid? I like that option better. I always see those weekly and monthly cleaning schedules on Pinterest and wonder if anyone ACTUALLY uses them. They seem a bit overwhelming.

Cleaning ScheduleI guess this one seems doable…maybe…

How do you get motivated to straighten up? OR BETTER YET, how do you keep your living space clean?? Let me know! I’m desperately needing some tips.

HELP! xo-chelsea eli

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    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!
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