Adventures of a Teacher on Summer Break

Laying OutAhh Summer….

What a glorious thing!

Ever since I can remember, summertime has been my favorite time of year, and it’s not because there’s no school. There’s just a feeling of freedom that no other time of the year gives you. Don’t get me wrong, I love football season and Christmas and all that jazz, too. There’s just nothing like summer.

I’ve always preferred hot weather to cold. As my husband would say, I could freeze in the Sahara Desert. I love throwing on a sundress and sandals with sun kissed skin that requires no make up and air dried hair. Summertime is just more simple, and when things are simple, my creativity and sense of adventure SOAR. Thank goodness I’m a teacher and still get a summer break. That’s one exciting feeling from childhood that never fades.

Acme Oyster House

The Beach Club

As most of you reading already know, last summer was spent campaigning. I couldn’t leave town AT ALL. While I was more than happy to help my family, not being able to leave had me feeling like a caged animal. TRAPPED. The summer before that, I had just started a new (and terrible) job and didn’t have any paid leave yet. Summers in grad school were spent working multiple jobs and internships with a few beach trips thrown in, but I haven’t had a full blown summer in FOREVER. Which leads me to why I’m loving this summer already! I have SO MANY fun adventures planned. Some I’ve already taken and it’s only week 2!

Let me expand with a bulleted list 😉

  • Family Beach Trip
  • Keeping my 8 year old sister-in-law for a week  (Such a fun week! So NOT ready for kids of my own. LOL)
  • Ocean Springs trip
  • Wine tasting with husband
  • Arkansas girl’s trip
  • Another Ocean Springs trip
  • Fleet Feet Sports Blue Mile
  • Destin trip
  • Savannah trip

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement! Send your good traveling vibes and prayers my way, please! And good news for you…my creativity and motivation is FLOWING. So expect lots of new content.



Adventure is just so good for the soul.

In the meantime, follow along on Snapchat (@chelseaeli) and Instagram (@chelseaeli) to get an inside look at all the fun!

-chelsea eli

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