The Weekly Wild: Washington DC

Library of Congress

My first visit to DC was a school trip 10 years ago. I have to say, it was my favorite memory from high school. I was so excited to go back with my sweet family over spring break two weeks ago.

We hit all the highlights, for sure. Capitol, White House, monuments, Mount Vernon, Georgetown, Alexandria, and so much more. We did it all. So many friends recommended AMAZING restaurants. Pretty much all of them get an A+ rating from us.

The weather was PERFECT the entire time we were there. I just love walking pretty much everywhere you want to go. Makes me wish we lived there.

I love the diversity of DC too. Everyone is from all different corners of the world. It’s a nice little change from small town Mississippi.



And yes! Those are the First Dogs out for their morning walk with the Secret Service. How cool is that?? I got another picture of one of them in a very unflattering moment, but I won’t reveal that one. Ha!


The Reading Room at the Library of Congress

Can we discuss the fact that Nick and I stood in line for a peanut butter fudge Georgetown Cupcake cupcake for like 30 minutes? Can we also talk about the fact that after we inhaled our cupcakes, we immediately walked across the street to Dean & Delucca to eat a cheesecake brownie? No shame. Vacation calories don’t count, right?


Yes. These are all Abraham Lincoln books.


I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love history as much as the next gal. I even got a scholarship in high school for making a perfect score on an American history test, but HOLY COW, my husband really loves some history. It took us hours to get through museums because my little history buff had to read EVERYTHING. We went to the United States Postal Service museum, y’all. Snooze. Fest.


Isn’t the view from the Speaker of the House’s balcony in the Capitol GORGEOUS?? #blessed

I’m more than ready for our next adventure now! Where should we go?

Hope you caught all the action on Snapchat while I was in DC. If not, you missed out!

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