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When TickPick contacted me about doing a game day outfit post, I knew I had to accept. If you know anything about my house and my husband, you know the only thing that exists from August-February is football–especially NFL. It consumes our television and our life most of the year, and we love it.

Bengals Game Day Outfit 1

Bengals Game Day Outfit 2

Sadly, our Bengal’s season has come to an end, but here’s what a game day out fit looks like for me. Since we’re like the only Cincinnati fans in Mississippi and are without NFL network, we usually have to go to a restaurant to watch them game. My orange Michael Kors coat is perfect for when it gets cold out. (I realize it looks more red in these photos. 🙁 Bummer.)

Bengals Game Day Outfit 3

// I just couldn’t edit out photographer husband and in his Bengal shorts //

Bengals Game Day Outfit 4

Bengals Game Day Outfit 5

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They don’t just supply NFL tickets and other game day tickets, but they have concert tickets and any other kind of tickets too! I’m so excited to use TickPick for my every ticket need from now on.

Bengals Game Day Outfit 6

Bengals Game Day Outfit 7

Bengals Game Day Outfit 8

Bengals Game Day Outfit 9

And that’s what game day looks like if we get the treat of watching the game from home. The puppies are heavily involved.

Here’s hoping the Broncos win the Super Bowl this year, and NOT the Patriots.

ANYWAY! Get your tickets from TickPick, and you won’t be disappointed.

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