Remember that time I used to blog?

I woke up this morning with the motivation to blog.  It’s been a good 9 months since I have blogged, but it has been much longer than that since I’ve had the inspiration to do so.

Let me catch you up…

  • I have now been married to my Nicholas for a little over 7 months.  They have been the best months of my life.  If the first year of marriage is the hardest, then I can’t imagine how amazing the years to come will be.  Marriage has been most natural and wonderful transition of our lives.
  • Back in May, I quit my job as an assistant teacher and took a job at a very large insurance company back in Jackson utilizing my degrees.  I was determined that that was where I should be.  Husband got a job teaching and coaching football back in my hometown.  I thought I had finally started my career and was on my way to greatness.  I was there three months and cried every single day.  I was MISERABLE.  Then, in a crazy turn of events, the doors opened, and I was offered a job as an elementary school librarian.  I took it and ran.  I’ve never been happier or more excited to go to work every morning.  Education is exactly where I should have been all along, and I adore EVERY minute of being with those children.  I couldn’t dream of a better career.
  • Oh yeah! We’re renting the cutest little blue house in my hometown.  We are 4 minutes down the road from my parents, and we are so happy.  The puppies have a big back yard to run around in (and escape from).  We’re so excited for our first Christmas as a married couple, in our own home, with our little furry children.
  • and…..we have no plans for children any time soon! Haha! Of course, sometimes we get the baby fever, but we’re loving life being able to do what we want, when we want.  We have plans to travel and see the world a little before we expand our family.  Husband and I look forward to the days of children, but we’re just not ready to share each other yet.

It’s funny how something I loved became something I kind of dreaded.  Maybe that’s changing.  I’m not making any promises of a consistently updated blog, but I do miss it.  Mississippi Hippy might take on a different genre or personality.  
It’s always been a kind of hodge podge of things I find interesting and inspiring.  However, I noticed that when I was blogging consistently, I became a much more materialistic version of myself.  There was always something I wanted or needed or felt like I had to have to be a good blogger.  I didn’t like that.  It’s not who I am.
It’s perfectly fine, in my opinion, to like and want nice things, but I was pushing it.  I followed all of these beautiful blogs by people with much higher means than I, and I expected my life and blog to look the same way.  I was jealous and comparing my behind the scenes to other people’s highlight reels.  That’s where the wheels fell off.
I’ve taken a step back, repaired my psyche, and would like to take my creative outlet in a different direction.  I have no idea what that direction is quite yet, but y’all will be the first to know.
So there’s where Mississippi Hippy is.  Just like real life, it has had its ups and downs and curve balls, and THAT’S OK!  I have always wanted to be nothing but REAL with you guys and in life.  So, that’s what I will do.

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