The Ice is Melting

Coat: Michael Kors (old) | Sweater: GAP | Shirt: Target (similar) | Pants: Calvin Klein (similar) | Booties: Guess (similar) | Watch: Michael Kors (old) | Bracelets:  David Yurman, Alex + Ani, Ronaldo | Bag:  Michael Kors | Sunnies: Jondie (old) 
Fiancé was just too handsome to not document today!
As I was walking one of my first graders back to her classroom today, she pointed out all the things about my outfit that she wanted.  First it was my shoes.  She really wanted them and did all she could to convince me that they would fit her.  Next it was my sweater, then my bracelets, and finally my engagement ring.  She proceeded to tell me that she knew who gave me my ring.  When I asked her who she thought it was, she replied, “your man.”  I laughed so hard while I told her she was right.  My sweet little first grader then asked me if I had gotten it for my anniversary.  I told her no, that it was my engagement ring and that I was getting married in March.  As we arrived at her room, she got the dreamiest look on her face and said, “I can’t wait to get married.”
Lord have mercy they start young, but isn’t it every little girl’s dream to be swept off her feet by their prince charming?  I could see that image in her head written all over her face.  I couldn’t help but think about how blessed and lucky I am to have found my prince charming.  He is so incredibly good to me, and I can’t wait to conquer life with him.
A special thanks to him for taking these pictures! I’m going to teach him how to use that camera well if it kills us!…that might be going a little overboard.  He’s such a good sport and makes me laugh uncontrollably.  Hooray for melting ice, by the way!!!

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  1. Joyce says:

    I loved your post! Congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy for y'all and I think it's precious how that girl got 'dreamy eyes'. I am sure you feel on top of the world!

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