The Miley Cyrus Debate

Lets talk the Miley Cyrus debate for a hot second.  Personally, I love her, and you can read why here.  (Granted, that post was pre haircut and We Can’t Stop, but still.)  While her recent antics are wild and crazy, I like what she’s ultimately standing for, which is being true to yourself and who you are.  I loved what she said when asked about being a role model in this interview, too.  It’s better for people to look up to those who are good and nice people than the boring, mean people who put on a good show.  And lets get real y’all, you were doing the same stuff at age 20, you just didn’t have a camera following you every where. (Lets all take a minute to praise the Lord for that.)  And she obviously has her head screwed on a lot tighter than LiLo and Amanda Bynes.
So anyway, on to more important Miley matters like her fab fashionista ways.  I just can’t stop loving it. (Too corny?  Haha!)  Here are some of my recent faves.

People always ask me how I pull certain looks off, and I think Miley is a great example of what I tell those people.  Given that the look is right for your body type, you can pull off whatever look you want to pull off as long as you have confidence in it and how you look in it.  If you think you can or can’t pull something off, you’re right.
So there ya have it, more Miley lovin’.  On another side note, as much as I love her and Liam together, everyone needs to chill out.  They’re young.  Let them get married whenever they want to get married.  Be engaged for 10 years if you want to.  Live ya life, gurl.
Ok, I’m done.
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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  1. You know I'm not always a Miley fan, but I love this! We were all doing the same exact things or worse when we were age! Life lessons and fashion advice all in one. Love you and your blog! 🙂

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