Wishful Wednesday: Shopping Spree

Can I just admit that online shopping for clothes scares me.  I constantly stare at all these clothing websites, yet never order anything.  Living in south Mississippi makes it difficult to get to some of the more fabulous stores.  The closest ones are usually in New Orleans, Birmingham or Atlanta, so I tell myself I’ll order them offline.  I never do though.  Maybe it’s the fear of getting them, not liking them and having to go through the troubles or returning them.  I’m skittish.  However, there are a few online stores that I WISH I could go on an unlimited shopping spree and buy everything!!
Here are my top five:
I literally dream about actually entering the Zara store.  I’m amazed by all things Zara.  Someone take me PLEASE!!!
Oh, Urban…you’re only an hour and half away, yet it feels like we’re worlds apart.  You really should be in my life more often.

American Apparel is always so good for the basics.
I’m scarily obsessed with ASOS too.  It’s a problem.  I literally want EVERYTHING on their site.

Last, we have TOPSHOP.  I’ve literally been coveting this entire store since it opened in London.  Sigh…
There ya have it folks! Now who wants to send me some moneys??
Happy Hump Day!
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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2 Responses to Wishful Wednesday: Shopping Spree

  1. I love ordering offline– it scared me at first too but once you find your favorite online stores and then get your fit right — then it's addictive!

    UO is one of my favs!

    Chene(Stop by my personal blog page if you like http://www.prototypemama.com)

  2. UO I'm comfortable with because I know how most of their clothes fit. Since it's addictive, for my wallet's sake, it's probably best that I stay scared of it until I finish grad school! haha! I'll definitely stop by your blog!

    xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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