So, once again, I’ve been neglecting you beautiful  hippies.  I’m truly, deeply sorry.  My day-to-day life is the epitome of unpredictable right now, therefore, finding the time to blog is not easy.  Not to mention that the internet at my house is CRAP which makes it really hard to update at home.  All of this to say, again, forgive me.
One of the reasons why my life is so hectic right now is because I’m waiting to find out if I will be moving again in January.  As sad as I will be to leave my cute little house, my roomie is taking a job out of state.  I will miss her very much, but I find the thought of getting to live by myself exciting.  I also like fantasizing about how I will decorate a new, small space.  I thought I’d share some decorating ideas I’ve been mulling around.  Check out my Pinterest board to see more!
First off, I have a red sofa that I’m obsessed with.  It was my first piece of furniture to ever own, and I don’t want to ever get rid of it.  It’s perfect, but extremely hard to decorate around.  I like these, though!

Second of all, I’m in need of some MAJOR organization.

Last, these are just some spaces that would love to model my new home after.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  I promise to take lots of fun pictures to update y’all with.  It’s the last Southern Miss home game.  In case you weren’t aware, we’re now 0-10.  I’m moving on to basketball now…
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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