Fighting the Good Fight

Today in class, one of my professors began talking about how as public relations professionals it is very important to keep our social media presence extremely diplomatic.  She then began to go into detail about what this means and how to go about doing this.  According to this highly educated and distinguished professors, it is inappropriate to share your political and religious beliefs on your personal, social media sites.  I’d have to disagree.
The entire purpose of potential employers viewing anyone’s personal, social media site is to get a better sense of who that person is and to judge whether or not they are a good fit for their organization.  While I usually refrain from expressing my political beliefs via Facebook and other social media (because I prefer not to start debates on my status), I don’t believe there is anything wrong with it as long as you’re not slandering anyone or a belief.  As for religious beliefs, it is quite clear that I love Jesus, have a personal relationship with him, and feel very passionate about my Savior’s love for me and all of mankind.
I realize that not everyone shares the same belief system as I do, and I appreciate that more than you know.  I absolutely LOVE a calm, educated, and rational discussion with those that believe differently than I do.  An open mind is a thing to be envied, and I refuse to believe that I shouldn’t openly express my beliefs and opinions on my personal social media outlets.
If an employer does not want to hire me simply for the fact that I think and believe in a way that differs from theirs, than I don’t want to work for that person.  I want to work for an organization that appreciates and nurtures the differences, individuality, and uniqueness of its employees.  Part of the beauty of life is that no two people are the same.  As the late, great Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
I take comfort in the fact that I am one of the kind, and I will not stifle that to please anyone.  For those of you being persecuted for being yourself or standing up for what you believe in, do not lose heart.  You are not alone, and you have the right and the ability to be anyone and anything you aspire to be.  Dream big, and work for those dreams with every fiber of your being.  The right people will be there to help you along in good time, and those who shut you down because of what you believe in will be a distant memory.  Stay strong and continue standing up.
Keep fighting the good fight, y’all.
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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