Summer Storm

There’s absolutely nothing like listening to a southern, summer storm roll in at night.  I love to turn off every noise maker in the house and just lay down and listen.  There’s something in the sound of thunder that soothes your soul and renews your spirit.  It’s nights like this that I wish I had a tin roof to listen to the rain drops on.  As quickly as a summer storm rolls in, however, is as quickly as it rolls out.
A southern, summer storm reminds me of the hard times we go through in life.  In the midst of them, we can’t see out.  We feel scared when the big, loud claps of thunder sound, and it seems like it will never end.  When it’s over, though, we see things more clearly.  We feel refreshed, and we know that there is nothing else to be scared of.
Through everything, we must always remember we’re never alone and that this too shall pass.  We have friends, family and a Savior who loves us.  There are always people out there who care and want to help.  You will never be given a situation that you cannot handle with the help of Christ.  
I’d like to share some special quotes and verses that bring me comfort during stormy patches in life.

10 Things God Wants You to Remember
-I am for you.
-I love you.
-I believe in you.
-I will not fail you.
-I will be with you.
-I will provide for you.
-I will bless you.
-I will give you rest.
-I will strengthen you.
-I will answer you.
“When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”
Psalm 61:2
and my personal life verse…
“Cast all your anxiety upon Him for He cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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