End of Summer Wish List

The end of summer always makes me start wishing for lots of new things to start the new year off right.   For some reason, I think of the new year as starting when school starts, not when an actual new year rolls around.  Anyway, here’s my end of summer wish list!

School Supplies
Mainly a Lilly Pulitzer planner, but all school supplies make me really happy.  I’m such a teacher’s kid.
After riding bikes everywhere on vacation in Seaside, I’m really itching for a bike of my own.  A really cute one with a basket would be nice.
New Glasses
So I wear contacts.  I hardly ever take them out.  This is mainly because I hate my glasses.  They aren’t the right prescription, and I’ve had the same ones for 5 years.  I feel like if I actually liked them, I would wear them more often.  I really want these Sophia Loren ones.
Outdoor Furniture
I want adirondack chairs, a porch swing and window boxes.  Stat.

Barefoot Moscato Bubbly
Love this stuff.
Summer Sale Clothes
My favorite boutique, Irie, in Hattiesburg is having a HUGE summer sale this weekend!  50% off the entire stock of spring and summer clothing.  50% off select handbags, watches and clutches.  $9.99 and $19.99 racks and shoes and accessories are 50% off.  Such a good weekend for it to be my birthday! Click the picture below to go to their Facebook site.  They also ship for a $5 flat rate when your order off Facebook.  I actually used to work there, and the owner, Ashley, is such a sweetheart and fabulous.  She’s so amazing at pulling things for you that will look excellent. Love her and I LOVE Irie Boutique!! Stop in this weekend!
Tomorrow is the big day! Can’t wait to share pictures from the fabulous weekend ahead!  Have a good one, hippies!
xoxo-Chelsea Eli

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