Sooo I’ve decided to start vlogging. Is that weird? Don’t care.
Check out my first attempt below, and try not to laugh at me too much! LOLz


Well I have a super big surprise for y’all! Nicholas and I will be welcoming Baby Thomas in just a few weeks! I finally got around to putting all of our videos from telling family together (8 weeks away from our due date…oops…)! Hope you enjoy!
Be expecting a lot more videos coming to the Mississippi Hippy YouTube channel soon!…Mainly because I can’t wait to show off my little one! Haha!

Most YUMMY Smoothie EVER

Seriously, y’all need to make this ASAP. It’s the most delicious and refreshing summer smoothie I’ve ever had EVER!!!!
1.5 frozen bananas
1 c frozen mango
1 c frozen strawberries
1 carton Vita Coco Pineapple Mango Coconut Water
That easy and that amazing.
Go make it NOW!

Days 4 & 5 Vulnerability Post-Social Media Pressure

I missed yesterday and almost today. We were traveling and got stuck in lots of traffic and it just didn’t get done. Sorry, y’all! Life happens.
Day 3 and 4 kind of go hand in hand, but I’ll try to separate them out.
Social media and blogging can make me real self conscious and not just because I’m putting all my thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see. Because I’m not. I share what I want people to know, for the most part. However, I think a lot of social media influencers and bloggers feel the need to post often. I try to post 3 times a day, usually, but sometimes that feels like A LOT. and if you follow me, it may feel like a lot to you too. If so, I’m sorry. Ignore me!
There’s this pressure to not only post often, but they also need to be perfectly aesthetic and you feed needs to all blend and match and WHOAH THAT’S OVERWHELMING TO ME. Some days, I just don’t have anything to say or I’m too busy enjoying life (or not) to post. and on some days when this happens, I make myself post anyway and I almost ALWAYS hate whatever it is I posted. It feels so inauthentic. So sometimes I just disappear for a while because I can’t take the pressure.
Being inauthentic, to me, is one of the worst things I can do. I’ve worked so hard to move myself to a place of living my truth and showing myself and others love. Authenticity in the way I live my life is one of my number one goals. I never want to compromise that.
That leads into day 4, which is comparing yourself to people you see on social media. I am SO GUILTY of this. I’ve posted on the social media “highlight reel” effect before, but man it’s still so true. I find myself lost in the social media black hole of scrolling way back to the depths of someone you admire’s feed and by the time I get there, I want their life. I want to change my hair to look like theirs, dress like them, have 3 kids, and move to Hawaii. It’s so hard for me not to fall into that trap. What they are portraying to the world is their absolute best, and that’s fine!! I just have to remind myself that they ¬†have bad days, flat tires, dog poop explosions, and dirty dishes just like me. We don’t readily post those things for the world to see.
I try really hard to be authentic without being negative. I want to be real with y’all all the time, but I also don’t want to seem negative when I share the daily struggles that humans go through. There’s a difference between negativity and real human life.
Honestly, human life is beautiful. As Gary Vaynerchuk pointed out in one of the many podcasts I’ve listened to of us, the probability of us being people is INSANELY small. We’ve already defied so many odds to become a human. Lets all make it count.
So there’s my vulnerability for day 3 and 4. I hope y’all are enjoying these #MagicofVulnerability posts. As scary as it can sometimes be to post them, it really is therapeutic.
Have a great week! I love you!



Day #3 Vulnerability Post-Compartmentalizing

Happy Friday!!!
Except I’m a teacher in the summer and every day is Saturday for me right now, and it’s GREAT. I don’t even know what day it is most of the time.
I’ve been feeling a bit like the monkey with its hands over its eyes emoji overtime I post, but I guess that’s just par for the course…
On to the vulnerability…
Lets talk about compartmentalizing. I am the world’s BEST compartmentalizer. If I don’t want to deal with it, I don’t. Granted, sometimes this can be good, but most of them time, it’s not.
If you’re familiar with the enneagram (nine interconnected personality types), I am a 7. The enthusiast. I don’t do well with negative emotions. Like I REFUSE to even watch any type of sad movie. My heart just can’t handle it. Sevens stay busy and are always ready for the next adventure, but often times, it’s to avoid experiencing any type of pain. When I get sad, I stay sad for a LONG time.
When I was little, my parents took me to see the Titanic along with my favorite stuffed animal to cover my eyes with during the scandalous parts, of course. I cried for HOURS and was sad for weeks because I made the connection that all of those people really did die way back in 1912. I did the same thing with Pearl Harbor. My heart and mind just can’t take all the sadness. I guess it could be called an empath too?
Anyway, I naturally don’t deal with things like I should. I am really good at just pushing things way back into the corners of my mind and choosing not to think about them. I can go on for weeks, even months, like that.
However, over my past two years of healing and growing, I’ve gotten better about this. I’ve learned that to truly heal, I have to feel the pain. I have to ride that wave. As bad as it hurts, pain and sadness demand to be felt. I’ve learned that it’s a whole lot easier to feel it as it comes than to experience the pain of all the things I’ve suppressed at once.
My personal yoga practice and meditation have made a world of difference in helping me move through sadness and pain instead of pushing it away. It will always catch up with you. ALWAYS. and usually, it’s 20x worse.
As always, thank you for reading my rambles. I hope it’s something you can connect with and take something from. I truly love you all.